Writing 101, Day Two: A Room with a View (Or Just a View)

It’s a bit difficult question to answer, but even it is the easiest to answer, i would really want to go to my native place Gulbarga (Karnataka, India). It’s my hometown where i was born and been in that place for 20 years and after that my parents were there i used to come on my vacations. A quarter of life have spend there, so the exact place would be my grandparents home where i have stayed for many years. I would sit in that house and would want to write my blog about my city, and many things. This place is very special to me, where i have grown up and learnt many things. The first floor of this house was were we used to stay, i would never forget the open area in front and my room where the cool air used to come in winter from that open window, I like this place a lot, the soft air, far from these big buildings, road traffic, pollution, noise, near to my heart, it’s the place where i would love to sit and have my favourite cup of coffee and would love to write my blog, and the view of the sunset was so awesome. The surrounding area, it used to be so quiet and less populated in those years, now it’s started growing and more populated and less spacious. The charm of the area has gone. 


Writing 101, Day One: Unlock the Mind

Sometimes i want to write about this thing or that, but when i sit in front of my computer no words come out, so from this writing challenge 101, i’ll try to bring that to a minimum level where the words start to flow easily, so like me there will be many bloggers who face this situation i think? well you all can help me about this, and i want to tell that  i always  try to read all other bloggers story to know how you all people write, what are your inspiration, topic, situation etc. I read travel blogs a lot and like photography blog, i started my blog without any topic in mind, but slowly when i started reading others blog, then i felt that i too have many things to tell. So now i’m on the track to write my small stories about my travel, situations, and many things.

Daily Prompt: BYOB(ookworm)

If ever i want to write a blurb for the book jacket of the book i would write,

“Always remembering the mistakes we did, brought smile on the face, and the happy moments we spent brought tears. Well it’s not always the same.”

How many of you would have enjoyed going on a trip with friends and that to with close friends, it will be an awesome trip. So much of enjoyment. 

A trip which we all never ever in our life will forget

A tour which started with the problems…

Which never ended…? Went on and on…

A driver with one eye, smoker and a big idiot…

A driver who doesn’t know the route to destination

A driver who forgot his license…

We like going, on an adventurous tour had the map in our hand and the heart in our throat. In a cold night asking the road side people the route to the destination …