Writing 101, Day One: Unlock the Mind

Sometimes i want to write about this thing or that, but when i sit in front of my computer no words come out, so from this writing challenge 101, i’ll try to bring that to a minimum level where the words start to flow easily, so like me there will be many bloggers who face this situation i think? well you all can help me about this, and i want to tell that  i always  try to read all other bloggers story to know how you all people write, what are your inspiration, topic, situation etc. I read travel blogs a lot and like photography blog, i started my blog without any topic in mind, but slowly when i started reading others blog, then i felt that i too have many things to tell. So now i’m on the track to write my small stories about my travel, situations, and many things.


Who I am and why I’m here

Hi everyone, I was thinking to start my blog from long time, but never started. I started writing in my diary from my childhood, some experiences, this-that… I like to write short stories, my experiences, the people around me and the situations, will be my important characters in the blog. ( I add bit of fiction with real life incident )
I’m slowly trying to blog on a regular basis… hope you all enjoy reading my stories and give your comments.
I also love reading, photography(amateur level),travel, eat. I like to read short stories, travel experiences, and many more things.