Writing 101, Day Two: A Room with a View (Or Just a View)

It’s a bit difficult question to answer, but even it is the easiest to answer, i would really want to go to my native place Gulbarga (Karnataka, India). It’s my hometown where i was born and been in that place for 20 years and after that my parents were there i used to come on my vacations. A quarter of life have spend there, so the exact place would be my grandparents home where i have stayed for many years. I would sit in that house and would want to write my blog about my city, and many things. This place is very special to me, where i have grown up and learnt many things. The first floor of this house was were we used to stay, i would never forget the open area in front and my room where the cool air used to come in winter from that open window, I like this place a lot, the soft air, far from these big buildings, road traffic, pollution, noise, near to my heart, it’s the place where i would love to sit and have my favourite cup of coffee and would love to write my blog, and the view of the sunset was so awesome. The surrounding area, it used to be so quiet and less populated in those years, now it’s started growing and more populated and less spacious. The charm of the area has gone. 


The Diary

Hari was looking at his diary, which has been with him from
the day he has started writing about his life, his journey and everything
and even sometimes nothing.
He said to himself it has been a long time he hasn’t written anything
in it, where he used it for every happy moment, and vice-versa.
He opened up the pages & just going through his early days as
a teenager; he used to enjoy so much, going out with his friends
and many things, which he has also written in.
And then came the page where he has written about an incident
which took place in his life a long time ago, so he started reading
it slowly and it all came back.
He turned to other pages where he wrote about forgiving him.
He wrote why he has committed that mistake, what made him to
take such a wrong decision. It was written
“Why I did this?
What was going on in my mind?
Whose mistake was it really was?”
So many questions and few answers were their for those mistakes.
Slowly he went through those answers, may be to find something,
or he really liked to read the thing and come up with another
short story out of it.
So at the end after finishing it, he saw that someone has written
there something, he tried to read it, but at first he wasn’t able
make anything out of it. Then he checked for other pages also, and
in many places he saw the same writing, bit smudged in few places,
like someone tried to rub it, or made a mistake and wanted to clear it.
He kept quiet for a few moments and tried hard to think that who else
would have read his diary, and had written their opinions or what ever
it was, and how come he hasn’t seen it before.
Then it came to him that he recognizes that hand writing it’s his mother’s
writing. He was shocked to see that his mother has been reading his diary
when he was not around, and has given her opinions to what all he has
written in it.
He slowly started to read it, where all his, mother has written,
he came to a point where he has written something which he never wanted
to tell anybody but himself, his mother has given her opinion about or
can say answer to his question.
He has written for forgiveness, for the mistake he has done.
Wanted to say sorry to their parents but couldn’t bring the courage to
speak about it, and from all these years he thought he hasn’t would never
be able to his parents, and even thought that it’s been a few months, that
when he was bit upset about his job, life. That he has not written in his diary,
also he was busy with his work life. That his mother thought he may be hiding
something, that they (there parents) don’t want to know.
May be at that time she read the diary and thought of answering his questions.
And in near future his son may read it and realize that he should have told
her everything and he was wrong about many things.
He was trying hard to read it, but wasn’t able to finish it, as tough it was
like never-ending or like his mother was standing in front of him and
speaking to him. He left that in half, and closed it. He was very
angry that why his mother been reading his diary in his absence.
He wasn’t able to sleep that night, when he closed his eyes, the same
thought came to his mind, was it his fault that he was now not as before,
like happy, enjoying, speaking to everyone especially his mother about his day in office,
his future plans and so many things. He always felt that due to the mistake
he has done that he deserved all this.
That was the reason his parents has lost faith in him.
He was so disturbed that night.
Next day in the morning he wasn’t able to look into her eyes and speak,
as it reminded him about the writings in diary. It felt to him that she wanted
her son to talk to her about his problems. Why for so many years tried to bury
his feelings in the diary. He on the other hand thought that it was his personal stuff,
she should not have read it in the first place, but she went a step ahead and written
her thoughts in it. It went on for few days, he has not opened it again, to read or
to write, she may have left her wish about him coming to her and telling everything.
The mistake which was committed by him was running from home, which made
his parents lose faith in him.
And tried hard to restore it but all he felt was nothing was working for him.
So he started writing about it why he tried to run away, from home, his parents from everything.
And in the end he did what he thought was right, he removed those pages from diary
where ever his mother has written, thinking that removing the pages may
remove his mistakes from mind also, but no other option was left, in near future his
mother may tell his dad, about his diary. He wanted to throw the diary
in a lake or pond, where no one would find it, where it will be a
secret between him and his diary.
So the day came when his parents were not in city, he came early from work
and took his diary with him to the nearby lake where he stood facing the
sun which was about to go, it was dusk time. He remembered about a book he has
read “The diary of a young girl” where she said it’s the diary which is her
best friend as it never replies back and takes everything in from the
writer. He thought again should he be really doing it. But yes was the
answer which came quick, he then threw it. And that was the last day when
he never wrote again, in his diary about his feelings, he kept to himself
about his feelings, his happiness and all the other things.

Hostel life … have you enjoyed it…?

Hostel life plays a very important role in everyone’s life, this will only be understood by the people who have stayed and enjoyed the “Hostel life”. I really want to dedicate this to all my friends with whom i have shared this fantastic time.

At first i stayed in a hostel outside our main campus, everyday we used to go late for classes, if any lecturer asked about coming late i use to lie that i come from city like 20-30 kms far. But actually my hostel was just 10 min walk from college.

I enjoyed a lot in hostel :-

1> Special birthday celebrations (Surprise..Surpriseeee), with two cakes one for your face, other goes in 2 into your stomach.

2> Assignments Oh! these assignments were like (butter), because many times one or the other guy would write and all the other copies from it with some changes to the original.

3> I use to get lunch coupons for my college mates who wanted to have lunch in hostel. Even sometimes my friends used to take it on my name.

4> The TV room – students from different places, use to support their team, and it used to be like they are playing against each other, the fun times were Cricket IPL (Indian Premier League) , Tennis, etc.

Some people who are unique in their own way whom i have met (here they are a bit…)

One who makes Grrrr…Grrrrr

This kind of person who snores like a pig, when you are so tired and sleeping, the other one around you snores, it’s really irritating. Literally i have tried to help those people, even sometimes kicked them when they were sleeping.

One who starts talking, when you are…

I have met this kind of people who don’t speak to you or not interested, and when you are sleeping (they are awake) or about to sleep, they start the conversation or ask you about something ( System password, Mobile charger, next day schedule,etc).

One who keeps the light on

When you are fully tired, attended all the classes , even you got caught by the HoD for wearing casuals, when your program din’t got executed in lab, all that S***… You come from dinner and want to sleep and with a fresh mind wants to start your next day. Your room mate who doesn’t switches the lights off, imagine what i would have done to him… the reason when i asked quick came the answer, dude i always sleep keeping the lights on, ( I thought in my mind, there are always street lights on from evening till morning can go and sleep there)

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“Schindler’s list”

“You save the life of a person,

You save the entire world”

This sentence was said at the end of a fantastic OSCAR winning movie called “Schindler’s list”.

The movie showed a very fabulous depiction of human life.Here in the movie, you see the life of a generation. It revolves around the German invasion and the unsparingly killing of the Jews. Can say like merciless killing of the Jews. What is it that has caused them such a fate? The people(common people/Jews) started to think, that what they should do, for not getting killed by the invading army.

In this movie 3 actors have acted superbly. It mainly revolves around two people who are so different in their characters. Both are Germans but one is an industrialist and the other is a commander. The industrialist knows how to make his industry work; he uses the way of bribing even the (smallest person) low level people to work for him. But the main motive behind is to save the people. He always tries to save the innocent people by giving a job in his industry.

While the other is a commander, he kills the Jews, without even knowing what their mistake is, he kills them at his will.

The third important character is played by the accountant who is hired by the industrialist, he helps him in recruiting the persons for his factory, and the name of the movie is “Schindler’s list” because the accountant starts to make a list of the Jews who can be saved from the army. Just before the end he bribes the higher authority and gets permission to take the people to his home town a long list is being prepared and the Jews are sent to a safer place. But cunningly the Jews are not sent to the safe destination, so once again the industrialist intervenes and saves the life.

The end is such a fantastic and emotional where the Jews are freed from Germans (the Hitler’s army).

The commander hang’s himself.

Another guy the good guy leaving the place and going back to the place where he came from. While leaving he starts crying and tells his accountant that he could have saved more people. The people who were saved by him give him a token of gift a ring on which a sentence is written in Hebrew.

“You save the life of a person,

You save the entire world”

Home and Family

Home sweet Home..

It’s a nice feeling when you’re back to your home, when you comeback from work, leaving all your worries behind, thinking there would be nothing to worry about, till tomorrow morning. Well everyone thinks the same, but why is it that sometimes it is very difficult to reach that home, and by the time you reach it’s night and everybody is at sleep. 

Many questions arises here:-

Are we working so much that we are forgetting that there is a home and we have to go?

Are we forgetting that we have home to go and it’s not a lodge, where you just stay and go out next morning?

Are we doing all this for our families & to stay happy in the coming days(years) at what cost, because the days pass by when we should be with them.

We earn for a secured future, but earning is not the only option.

We can’t buy time with money, when we are missing so much time in working.

Many more questions will come..

But the main reason for all this is that i missed the dussera festival this time, as i was working in office, so i just thought, i should have taken leave and had spend some time with my family.

Even my mother, when working used to miss many festivals, my school functions, and many more, and my relatives and teachers used to ask me, where is your mother, i used to say she is at work. The feeling was so horrible, i use to ask(fight) my mother, why the work is so important, when you are missing so many good things in life.

She use to answer “When u’ll grow up and start working you will know, and i’am doing all this for our secured future”.

I think all have faced this situation some or the other time in their life, and many will face in the coming future, all i need is that, we should work out a good way to handle these kind of situations.

The two loosers

The two most important parts of human life the inner-self and the outer-self. Sometimes both win and sometimes they lose. When the inner looser meets the outer looser, a situation occurs.
When they meet for the first time both kept silent, for a long time, as they both had all the time they need in the world, as they were the looser of the world.
Inner looser was waiting for the outer to speak first, because he was of the thinking that, let the outer first agree that it has lost the life or his battle. The outer was also thinking the same that let the inner looser speak first.
Both kept quiet for a very long time as they had all the time of the world. In reality the inner and the outer are the two faces of a same coin.
The outer sometimes tries to show that he is not the looser, but in reality he has lost everything. The outer looser always takes the help of the inner looser.
The outer looser knows that, how much the inner looser has lost, much more than him. Here they are the inner self and the outer look of the human being. The human being always tries to show that he/she can do anything; here anything can be any small obstacles or big works or chores of life.


The life shows to you its many facets.

                 Do you remember when you got to know a person’s behavior and you were surprised to see that. Life always play hide and seek with you it shows up its face(bad) when you don’t  want to see and hides itself when you are in most need of it. Sometimes in life we come across different types of people, it is only the thing that when and where we meet or get to know that person. It is sometimes amazing to see that the person may be one of your own. There may be many occasions when you get to know many persons, who are not your own (the person related to you). Many persons show their behavior when not needed, but many are there who shows other people what they actually are, their true identity. It’s sometimes painful to see that behavior of that person, but sometimes it’s good. At least you will come to know about that person, it is only good if you get to know in advance. If you get to know then may be you would not be good with that person. This says that life play the game of chess with us, and makes it’s move and quietly sit and watch us what will we do, for our next move.

The situation depends on the person always, how the person handles or tackles it at that moment. Sometimes the person reacts to the situation so badly that it makes a very bad or may be sometimes good impact on the person’s future. The human being should just be ready to face the situation what ever may come. There are many things to keep in mind for that situation; it may be, to control anger. There are also some people in this world those who leave the situation and try to run away from it. And some are those leave it the same saying that its life turn let it play. There arises a question what to do? The answer may be sometimes difficult to understand and sometimes very easy but even here it depends on the person. It is very difficult for the person to react to the situation at that very moment, but always have patience as there is a saying that “patience pays”. But that doesn’t mean the person should keep quiet, there should be some reaction to the situation.

Let us see what the normal human being reacts to the situation for the newly identified behavior of the other person, it’s always the person who suffers. Somewhere or sometime the person is going to hurt or going to make you happy it just depends on you.

Let me ask you a question what will you do in these situations where, there is ambiguity between heart and mind…