Who I am and why I’m here

Hi everyone, I was thinking to start my blog from long time, but never started. I started writing in my diary from my childhood, some experiences, this-that… I like to write short stories, my experiences, the people around me and the situations, will be my important characters in the blog. ( I add bit of fiction with real life incident )
I’m slowly trying to blog on a regular basis… hope you all enjoy reading my stories and give your comments.
I also love reading, photography(amateur level),travel, eat. I like to read short stories, travel experiences, and many more things.


Hostel life … have you enjoyed it…?

Hostel life plays a very important role in everyone’s life, this will only be understood by the people who have stayed and enjoyed the “Hostel life”. I really want to dedicate this to all my friends with whom i have shared this fantastic time.

At first i stayed in a hostel outside our main campus, everyday we used to go late for classes, if any lecturer asked about coming late i use to lie that i come from city like 20-30 kms far. But actually my hostel was just 10 min walk from college.

I enjoyed a lot in hostel :-

1> Special birthday celebrations (Surprise..Surpriseeee), with two cakes one for your face, other goes in 2 into your stomach.

2> Assignments Oh! these assignments were like (butter), because many times one or the other guy would write and all the other copies from it with some changes to the original.

3> I use to get lunch coupons for my college mates who wanted to have lunch in hostel. Even sometimes my friends used to take it on my name.

4> The TV room – students from different places, use to support their team, and it used to be like they are playing against each other, the fun times were Cricket IPL (Indian Premier League) , Tennis, etc.

Some people who are unique in their own way whom i have met (here they are a bit…)

One who makes Grrrr…Grrrrr

This kind of person who snores like a pig, when you are so tired and sleeping, the other one around you snores, it’s really irritating. Literally i have tried to help those people, even sometimes kicked them when they were sleeping.

One who starts talking, when you are…

I have met this kind of people who don’t speak to you or not interested, and when you are sleeping (they are awake) or about to sleep, they start the conversation or ask you about something ( System password, Mobile charger, next day schedule,etc).

One who keeps the light on

When you are fully tired, attended all the classes , even you got caught by the HoD for wearing casuals, when your program din’t got executed in lab, all that S***… You come from dinner and want to sleep and with a fresh mind wants to start your next day. Your room mate who doesn’t switches the lights off, imagine what i would have done to him… the reason when i asked quick came the answer, dude i always sleep keeping the lights on, ( I thought in my mind, there are always street lights on from evening till morning can go and sleep there)

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Home and Family

Home sweet Home..

It’s a nice feeling when you’re back to your home, when you comeback from work, leaving all your worries behind, thinking there would be nothing to worry about, till tomorrow morning. Well everyone thinks the same, but why is it that sometimes it is very difficult to reach that home, and by the time you reach it’s night and everybody is at sleep. 

Many questions arises here:-

Are we working so much that we are forgetting that there is a home and we have to go?

Are we forgetting that we have home to go and it’s not a lodge, where you just stay and go out next morning?

Are we doing all this for our families & to stay happy in the coming days(years) at what cost, because the days pass by when we should be with them.

We earn for a secured future, but earning is not the only option.

We can’t buy time with money, when we are missing so much time in working.

Many more questions will come..

But the main reason for all this is that i missed the dussera festival this time, as i was working in office, so i just thought, i should have taken leave and had spend some time with my family.

Even my mother, when working used to miss many festivals, my school functions, and many more, and my relatives and teachers used to ask me, where is your mother, i used to say she is at work. The feeling was so horrible, i use to ask(fight) my mother, why the work is so important, when you are missing so many good things in life.

She use to answer “When u’ll grow up and start working you will know, and i’am doing all this for our secured future”.

I think all have faced this situation some or the other time in their life, and many will face in the coming future, all i need is that, we should work out a good way to handle these kind of situations.