Daily Prompt: BYOB(ookworm)

If ever i want to write a blurb for the book jacket of the book i would write,

“Always remembering the mistakes we did, brought smile on the face, and the happy moments we spent brought tears. Well it’s not always the same.”

How many of you would have enjoyed going on a trip with friends and that to with close friends, it will be an awesome trip. So much of enjoyment. 

A trip which we all never ever in our life will forget

A tour which started with the problems…

Which never ended…? Went on and on…

A driver with one eye, smoker and a big idiot…

A driver who doesn’t know the route to destination

A driver who forgot his license…

We like going, on an adventurous tour had the map in our hand and the heart in our throat. In a cold night asking the road side people the route to the destination …


Some “Resolutions” For 2014….. (If only i can complete them)

Many people out there may have made there resolution for this 2014, every year making some resolution, but in the end they are as we can say only on paper.

Even i have made my list of resolutions for 2014.

1 : Read more books :

Last year i read about like 8 books which this year i’m sure will increase it by 12 books,like 1 every month.That would be great as one of my things to do is to open a library. But one of my friend blogger has set herself a mammoth task of reading 52 books. ( i thought OMG, is it possible). Can check her resolutions here PERPETUALLYPERIPATETIC

2 : Learn a new language :

It has been a very long pending resolution, not like have to learn to read & write, but at least to speak. I have decided to learn Spanish,Tamil,Bengali let see how much i’ll be learning among these 3. Anyone out there to help me out! Help is welcome.

3 : Save a small percentage of your income:

This will be a bit difficult; will try to invest so by this way can save.

4 : Take better photos:

I am an amateur photographer; want to try something creative in taking photos.

5 : Travel to at least 3 places:

I want to travel to different places, not the usual places like to go on a vacation.

6 : Leave work on time more often :

Finish up the work and leave on time, even no pending work for next day.

7 : Blog more :

I like to write, but it stays only in my diary, have to come more in the digital world.

8 : Learn to play guitar :

This will be my resolution no:1, I will learn to play it by this year end.

9 : Earn more money :

This would be the resolution of many people in the world, something should be done about this

10 : Do something every month that can add to your CV :

This is a very important thing for my career, so adding many things to it, will really add-up.

Actually finish some of the resolutions which are still pending from last few years.Like join a gym, get up early and go for a walk or jogging.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Community


This is a place on a wall in tirupati(Chitoor,AP,India) called as Papavinasam Theertham where, i saw many people wrote ohm OM(Hindu symbol) , 203549_204030582973314_1991129_q SWASTIKA with Vermillion (Red Color) they believe that if you write it with a belief, your wishes will come true.

“Schindler’s list”

“You save the life of a person,

You save the entire world”

This sentence was said at the end of a fantastic OSCAR winning movie called “Schindler’s list”.

The movie showed a very fabulous depiction of human life.Here in the movie, you see the life of a generation. It revolves around the German invasion and the unsparingly killing of the Jews. Can say like merciless killing of the Jews. What is it that has caused them such a fate? The people(common people/Jews) started to think, that what they should do, for not getting killed by the invading army.

In this movie 3 actors have acted superbly. It mainly revolves around two people who are so different in their characters. Both are Germans but one is an industrialist and the other is a commander. The industrialist knows how to make his industry work; he uses the way of bribing even the (smallest person) low level people to work for him. But the main motive behind is to save the people. He always tries to save the innocent people by giving a job in his industry.

While the other is a commander, he kills the Jews, without even knowing what their mistake is, he kills them at his will.

The third important character is played by the accountant who is hired by the industrialist, he helps him in recruiting the persons for his factory, and the name of the movie is “Schindler’s list” because the accountant starts to make a list of the Jews who can be saved from the army. Just before the end he bribes the higher authority and gets permission to take the people to his home town a long list is being prepared and the Jews are sent to a safer place. But cunningly the Jews are not sent to the safe destination, so once again the industrialist intervenes and saves the life.

The end is such a fantastic and emotional where the Jews are freed from Germans (the Hitler’s army).

The commander hang’s himself.

Another guy the good guy leaving the place and going back to the place where he came from. While leaving he starts crying and tells his accountant that he could have saved more people. The people who were saved by him give him a token of gift a ring on which a sentence is written in Hebrew.

“You save the life of a person,

You save the entire world”

Happy World Photography Day

Happy World Photography Day

To all the Photographers around the world, a very Happy World Photography Day.

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One Evening


Reflection of ISKCON Temple