Home and Family

Home sweet Home..

It’s a nice feeling when you’re back to your home, when you comeback from work, leaving all your worries behind, thinking there would be nothing to worry about, till tomorrow morning. Well everyone thinks the same, but why is it that sometimes it is very difficult to reach that home, and by the time you reach it’s night and everybody is at sleep. 

Many questions arises here:-

Are we working so much that we are forgetting that there is a home and we have to go?

Are we forgetting that we have home to go and it’s not a lodge, where you just stay and go out next morning?

Are we doing all this for our families & to stay happy in the coming days(years) at what cost, because the days pass by when we should be with them.

We earn for a secured future, but earning is not the only option.

We can’t buy time with money, when we are missing so much time in working.

Many more questions will come..

But the main reason for all this is that i missed the dussera festival this time, as i was working in office, so i just thought, i should have taken leave and had spend some time with my family.

Even my mother, when working used to miss many festivals, my school functions, and many more, and my relatives and teachers used to ask me, where is your mother, i used to say she is at work. The feeling was so horrible, i use to ask(fight) my mother, why the work is so important, when you are missing so many good things in life.

She use to answer “When u’ll grow up and start working you will know, and i’am doing all this for our secured future”.

I think all have faced this situation some or the other time in their life, and many will face in the coming future, all i need is that, we should work out a good way to handle these kind of situations.


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