The New Guy


A new city, new people, new language, new culture, and well everything here seems to be new, in all, I’m the new guy to this wonderful city. Many thought, that why am I shifting to this new town, is it my job? Or the place because, the place is very near to my hometown (I don’t have my own home, we stay in a rented home), or the other relatives who stay near by this place.

Leaving all those issues and their thinking behind, I joined at the company which offered me a job. Sometimes after joining the work, I thought was the decision right, which I took in joining this place. Well sometimes you don’t know what is right at the right moment, it comes at the end that you were right in your decision.

The new place was like welcoming me with open hands. Actually the whole thing about this new place is that, it was like exploring the area, the unknown routes to my company, the food, the culture and especially the language barrier, I have to overcome it. Looking out for the known faces like, from behind they will be calling my name. The uncle’s family is helping me out here, the home to stay for me and helping me out in understanding the new place. The two kids of my uncle are so happy, about me because I’m the new person that they have met and are spilling all about their interests, hobbies, cricket etc. I’m trying to be one among them.

Now let’s move towards my work place, a new employee not from the same place, makes something to the atmosphere around you. As I don’t know the language they speak, I just speak in the language which I feel comfortable. Some people take this in a wrong way, by speaking their language in front of me so that I should not understand their conversation. For many days your name will be “the new guy”, till everyone knows about you they will be calling you with the work which you’re related, as in my case, it was “the new IT guy”.

 I’m trying my best to learn the language, which is bit similar to my (mother tongue) language. And once you start learning their language you have to learn it fast else you will be left behind. The name of the place is Hyderabad. The capital city of Andhra Pradesh.

. The food you get here is superb, the hyderabadi biriyani is world-famous, even I love it.



6 thoughts on “The New Guy

  1. Nice one dude, expressing ur feeling is the right, makes a person comfortable and enhance his confidence. Perhaps make the task oriented person, who would look forwad to prove himeself

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