The two loosers

The two most important parts of human life the inner-self and the outer-self. Sometimes both win and sometimes they lose. When the inner looser meets the outer looser, a situation occurs.
When they meet for the first time both kept silent, for a long time, as they both had all the time they need in the world, as they were the looser of the world.
Inner looser was waiting for the outer to speak first, because he was of the thinking that, let the outer first agree that it has lost the life or his battle. The outer was also thinking the same that let the inner looser speak first.
Both kept quiet for a very long time as they had all the time of the world. In reality the inner and the outer are the two faces of a same coin.
The outer sometimes tries to show that he is not the looser, but in reality he has lost everything. The outer looser always takes the help of the inner looser.
The outer looser knows that, how much the inner looser has lost, much more than him. Here they are the inner self and the outer look of the human being. The human being always tries to show that he/she can do anything; here anything can be any small obstacles or big works or chores of life.

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