The life shows to you its many facets.

                 Do you remember when you got to know a person’s behavior and you were surprised to see that. Life always play hide and seek with you it shows up its face(bad) when you don’t  want to see and hides itself when you are in most need of it. Sometimes in life we come across different types of people, it is only the thing that when and where we meet or get to know that person. It is sometimes amazing to see that the person may be one of your own. There may be many occasions when you get to know many persons, who are not your own (the person related to you). Many persons show their behavior when not needed, but many are there who shows other people what they actually are, their true identity. It’s sometimes painful to see that behavior of that person, but sometimes it’s good. At least you will come to know about that person, it is only good if you get to know in advance. If you get to know then may be you would not be good with that person. This says that life play the game of chess with us, and makes it’s move and quietly sit and watch us what will we do, for our next move.

The situation depends on the person always, how the person handles or tackles it at that moment. Sometimes the person reacts to the situation so badly that it makes a very bad or may be sometimes good impact on the person’s future. The human being should just be ready to face the situation what ever may come. There are many things to keep in mind for that situation; it may be, to control anger. There are also some people in this world those who leave the situation and try to run away from it. And some are those leave it the same saying that its life turn let it play. There arises a question what to do? The answer may be sometimes difficult to understand and sometimes very easy but even here it depends on the person. It is very difficult for the person to react to the situation at that very moment, but always have patience as there is a saying that “patience pays”. But that doesn’t mean the person should keep quiet, there should be some reaction to the situation.

Let us see what the normal human being reacts to the situation for the newly identified behavior of the other person, it’s always the person who suffers. Somewhere or sometime the person is going to hurt or going to make you happy it just depends on you.

Let me ask you a question what will you do in these situations where, there is ambiguity between heart and mind…

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