I was at the railway station waiting for my cousin to arrive, the train was to come at 11 in the night so I was there by 10:45. I entered the station and heard the announcement that the train is late by 35 minutes. I didn’t had any other option but to wait, I was on the platform number 1, where like me many were waiting and many to catch the train which was running late.
So I went to the newspaper vendor, bought that day’s newspaper, a copy of comic book for my cousin his favorite, then near to that shop I saw a small group of coolie’s (Day labourer) were sitting and chatting. I thought may be they were talking about their pay that day, how good it was for one and not so good for the other.
Everyone was in their uniforms red shirt, white pant some wore black and a big handkerchief like thing on their shoulder (‘gamcha’ in hindi). And I went from there and sat on a waiting bench just outside the waiting room, started reading the newspaper.
A train arrived on the other platform and these coolie’s had reached that platform in no time and started their routine.Few got passengers and few came back empty handed. I was just observing their work and there was 10 min left for train to arrive, and to my fate another announcement came that the train is another 30 minutes late.
I tried to call my cousin but it was also not getting connected, I was also started feeling sleepy so I went to the tea stall and sat there and ordered tea with biscuits. There one of the coolie came to have tea, sat near my table, was about 45-50 age by the look. I looked at him, he looked back at me and gave a smile.
I was waiting to talk to somebody and I just got an opportunity.
So I started the conversation by asking him “how was your day?”
He answered it by saying “just good, not as better as yesterday”.

The guy seemed to me friendly, wasn’t like a frustrated person would kill if anybody asks him how was his day or any other question. I wanted to talk to him, so I looked at him, and as if he came to know about my feeling, and asked me is what else you want to know.
At first I asked him for how many years he is been working in this station?

He said 25 years. He said “well you can say I’m one of the oldest employees of the station”, this tea stall wasn’t even started yet.

He slowly started again, I came here after trying my luck at different jobs, but as I was from a village near by, so it was bit difficult for him to get job easily so he came and asked the then station master for a job, but he dint had any at that time, asked me to work as a coolie for some months, well I started doing it, but as it was a small town then I had to work round the clock for me & my family’s basic needs. I started working day & night. Some days were good like festival season and vacation.

I again asked have anyone asked anything like this before, he said no, you are the first. The tea stall guy came to us & asked do we need some more tea, I said yes for both of us. The tea arrived quickly. And there was the announcement that train is arriving in 10 minutes. I asked him then how you does your family’s basic needs are fulfilled, he said his wife also works now, and some how they manage. He paused for a moment and said I think your train is about to arrive, so you should leave. I said ok and paid for the tea bill.
My cousin came with 2 big suitcases as if he will not go back, he got down from the compartment and I was thinking, why the hell? He is carrying so many luggages if not able to lift it. I was searching for the coolie with whom I had conversation at tea stall. And there he was coming towards us looking for any passengers will give him work, I said hey! Babu, as I din’t knew his name he came and asked do you need coolie? I said yes! And picked the luggage and kept it on his head, as it was his routine and he was strong too and came for village. As we reached outside the station and were waiting for cab, coolie said wait sir I’ll get you a cab and went for 2 min and back with a cabdriver, and my cousin got into it, and paid coolie some money and he said sir it is more then we get I said keep it as you have also helped us in finding a cab, and said thank you and left.

Already my cousin’s holiday were over and we were back in station and I was taking platform ticket, I asked my cousin to take so that I can get a coolie to pick the luggage and I went in to search for the same coolie, I came cross a coolie and asked him that there is a coolie about 55-60 age where is he? He said the old guy I said yes, he said sir please wait I’ll send him and he went away and in 2-3 min he came back with Babu I thanked the other coolie, and he went off. I asked babu to come with me as he has to pick my cousin’s luggage he agreed. We went to the place were my cousin was waiting for me, the coolie picked the luggage and helped us to the platform were the train was about to come, and he left with the pay.

My cousin got into the compartment and train started moving, other passengers were in hurry to get in who got late and so much rush was there, and it happened so suddenly that for a moment I was not able to understand what just happened, some passenger were running to catch the train and to help them babu moved to the wrong side and he fell down were his half body came under the train and somebody saw it and pulled the chain to stop the train, by the time it stopped almost his half body was severely injured, all the other coolie’s came and tried to move him upside, he actually got stuck between platform and train steps to the compartment, he was almost unconscious and was trying to tell something, even medical emergency was called, they removed him from there but his both legs were gone, one below the knee and the other till thigh. I was standing there looking at the things which were going on in front of me, I was like a statue unable to move even though I wanted to move. So one called me and told come let’s help so I went and helped the medical person, babu was trying to tell call home. I asked his other coolie friends if anyone is having his home address or number need to inform soon. One of them told he will inform family members. And his half conscious body and was in dying pain taken to the nearest government hospital. And I left from there to back home thinking about all that has happened. After few days I went to station to ask about him to his friends, one of them came and told he is no more. After accident he was admitted and was In ICU for few days and then shifted to general ward. As he was already lost so much blood and so infection started and all this stress has taken his most of the energy, which is why the body gave up. I was shocked to hear that and don’t know why I felt like crying and tears came out automatically. I said to myself why did this all took place? There was this person whose name I didn’t even knew and tears came for him….

Writing 101, Day Two: A Room with a View (Or Just a View)

It’s a bit difficult question to answer, but even it is the easiest to answer, i would really want to go to my native place Gulbarga (Karnataka, India). It’s my hometown where i was born and been in that place for 20 years and after that my parents were there i used to come on my vacations. A quarter of life have spend there, so the exact place would be my grandparents home where i have stayed for many years. I would sit in that house and would want to write my blog about my city, and many things. This place is very special to me, where i have grown up and learnt many things. The first floor of this house was were we used to stay, i would never forget the open area in front and my room where the cool air used to come in winter from that open window, I like this place a lot, the soft air, far from these big buildings, road traffic, pollution, noise, near to my heart, it’s the place where i would love to sit and have my favourite cup of coffee and would love to write my blog, and the view of the sunset was so awesome. The surrounding area, it used to be so quiet and less populated in those years, now it’s started growing and more populated and less spacious. The charm of the area has gone. 

Writing 101, Day One: Unlock the Mind

Sometimes i want to write about this thing or that, but when i sit in front of my computer no words come out, so from this writing challenge 101, i’ll try to bring that to a minimum level where the words start to flow easily, so like me there will be many bloggers who face this situation i think? well you all can help me about this, and i want to tell that  i always  try to read all other bloggers story to know how you all people write, what are your inspiration, topic, situation etc. I read travel blogs a lot and like photography blog, i started my blog without any topic in mind, but slowly when i started reading others blog, then i felt that i too have many things to tell. So now i’m on the track to write my small stories about my travel, situations, and many things.

Who I am and why I’m here

Hi everyone, I was thinking to start my blog from long time, but never started. I started writing in my diary from my childhood, some experiences, this-that… I like to write short stories, my experiences, the people around me and the situations, will be my important characters in the blog. ( I add bit of fiction with real life incident )
I’m slowly trying to blog on a regular basis… hope you all enjoy reading my stories and give your comments.
I also love reading, photography(amateur level),travel, eat. I like to read short stories, travel experiences, and many more things.

The Diary

Hari was looking at his diary, which has been with him from
the day he has started writing about his life, his journey and everything
and even sometimes nothing.
He said to himself it has been a long time he hasn’t written anything
in it, where he used it for every happy moment, and vice-versa.
He opened up the pages & just going through his early days as
a teenager; he used to enjoy so much, going out with his friends
and many things, which he has also written in.
And then came the page where he has written about an incident
which took place in his life a long time ago, so he started reading
it slowly and it all came back.
He turned to other pages where he wrote about forgiving him.
He wrote why he has committed that mistake, what made him to
take such a wrong decision. It was written
“Why I did this?
What was going on in my mind?
Whose mistake was it really was?”
So many questions and few answers were their for those mistakes.
Slowly he went through those answers, may be to find something,
or he really liked to read the thing and come up with another
short story out of it.
So at the end after finishing it, he saw that someone has written
there something, he tried to read it, but at first he wasn’t able
make anything out of it. Then he checked for other pages also, and
in many places he saw the same writing, bit smudged in few places,
like someone tried to rub it, or made a mistake and wanted to clear it.
He kept quiet for a few moments and tried hard to think that who else
would have read his diary, and had written their opinions or what ever
it was, and how come he hasn’t seen it before.
Then it came to him that he recognizes that hand writing it’s his mother’s
writing. He was shocked to see that his mother has been reading his diary
when he was not around, and has given her opinions to what all he has
written in it.
He slowly started to read it, where all his, mother has written,
he came to a point where he has written something which he never wanted
to tell anybody but himself, his mother has given her opinion about or
can say answer to his question.
He has written for forgiveness, for the mistake he has done.
Wanted to say sorry to their parents but couldn’t bring the courage to
speak about it, and from all these years he thought he hasn’t would never
be able to his parents, and even thought that it’s been a few months, that
when he was bit upset about his job, life. That he has not written in his diary,
also he was busy with his work life. That his mother thought he may be hiding
something, that they (there parents) don’t want to know.
May be at that time she read the diary and thought of answering his questions.
And in near future his son may read it and realize that he should have told
her everything and he was wrong about many things.
He was trying hard to read it, but wasn’t able to finish it, as tough it was
like never-ending or like his mother was standing in front of him and
speaking to him. He left that in half, and closed it. He was very
angry that why his mother been reading his diary in his absence.
He wasn’t able to sleep that night, when he closed his eyes, the same
thought came to his mind, was it his fault that he was now not as before,
like happy, enjoying, speaking to everyone especially his mother about his day in office,
his future plans and so many things. He always felt that due to the mistake
he has done that he deserved all this.
That was the reason his parents has lost faith in him.
He was so disturbed that night.
Next day in the morning he wasn’t able to look into her eyes and speak,
as it reminded him about the writings in diary. It felt to him that she wanted
her son to talk to her about his problems. Why for so many years tried to bury
his feelings in the diary. He on the other hand thought that it was his personal stuff,
she should not have read it in the first place, but she went a step ahead and written
her thoughts in it. It went on for few days, he has not opened it again, to read or
to write, she may have left her wish about him coming to her and telling everything.
The mistake which was committed by him was running from home, which made
his parents lose faith in him.
And tried hard to restore it but all he felt was nothing was working for him.
So he started writing about it why he tried to run away, from home, his parents from everything.
And in the end he did what he thought was right, he removed those pages from diary
where ever his mother has written, thinking that removing the pages may
remove his mistakes from mind also, but no other option was left, in near future his
mother may tell his dad, about his diary. He wanted to throw the diary
in a lake or pond, where no one would find it, where it will be a
secret between him and his diary.
So the day came when his parents were not in city, he came early from work
and took his diary with him to the nearby lake where he stood facing the
sun which was about to go, it was dusk time. He remembered about a book he has
read “The diary of a young girl” where she said it’s the diary which is her
best friend as it never replies back and takes everything in from the
writer. He thought again should he be really doing it. But yes was the
answer which came quick, he then threw it. And that was the last day when
he never wrote again, in his diary about his feelings, he kept to himself
about his feelings, his happiness and all the other things.

Hostel life … have you enjoyed it…?

Hostel life plays a very important role in everyone’s life, this will only be understood by the people who have stayed and enjoyed the “Hostel life”. I really want to dedicate this to all my friends with whom i have shared this fantastic time.

At first i stayed in a hostel outside our main campus, everyday we used to go late for classes, if any lecturer asked about coming late i use to lie that i come from city like 20-30 kms far. But actually my hostel was just 10 min walk from college.

I enjoyed a lot in hostel :-

1> Special birthday celebrations (Surprise..Surpriseeee), with two cakes one for your face, other goes in 2 into your stomach.

2> Assignments Oh! these assignments were like (butter), because many times one or the other guy would write and all the other copies from it with some changes to the original.

3> I use to get lunch coupons for my college mates who wanted to have lunch in hostel. Even sometimes my friends used to take it on my name.

4> The TV room – students from different places, use to support their team, and it used to be like they are playing against each other, the fun times were Cricket IPL (Indian Premier League) , Tennis, etc.

Some people who are unique in their own way whom i have met (here they are a bit…)

One who makes Grrrr…Grrrrr

This kind of person who snores like a pig, when you are so tired and sleeping, the other one around you snores, it’s really irritating. Literally i have tried to help those people, even sometimes kicked them when they were sleeping.

One who starts talking, when you are…

I have met this kind of people who don’t speak to you or not interested, and when you are sleeping (they are awake) or about to sleep, they start the conversation or ask you about something ( System password, Mobile charger, next day schedule,etc).

One who keeps the light on

When you are fully tired, attended all the classes , even you got caught by the HoD for wearing casuals, when your program din’t got executed in lab, all that S***… You come from dinner and want to sleep and with a fresh mind wants to start your next day. Your room mate who doesn’t switches the lights off, imagine what i would have done to him… the reason when i asked quick came the answer, dude i always sleep keeping the lights on, ( I thought in my mind, there are always street lights on from evening till morning can go and sleep there)

Hey u can also check out my fellow blog writer who has written her experience check it PERPETUALLYPERIPATETIC

Daily Prompt: BYOB(ookworm)

If ever i want to write a blurb for the book jacket of the book i would write,

“Always remembering the mistakes we did, brought smile on the face, and the happy moments we spent brought tears. Well it’s not always the same.”

How many of you would have enjoyed going on a trip with friends and that to with close friends, it will be an awesome trip. So much of enjoyment. 

A trip which we all never ever in our life will forget

A tour which started with the problems…

Which never ended…? Went on and on…

A driver with one eye, smoker and a big idiot…

A driver who doesn’t know the route to destination

A driver who forgot his license…

We like going, on an adventurous tour had the map in our hand and the heart in our throat. In a cold night asking the road side people the route to the destination …

Some “Resolutions” For 2014….. (If only i can complete them)

Many people out there may have made there resolution for this 2014, every year making some resolution, but in the end they are as we can say only on paper.

Even i have made my list of resolutions for 2014.

1 : Read more books :

Last year i read about like 8 books which this year i’m sure will increase it by 12 books,like 1 every month.That would be great as one of my things to do is to open a library. But one of my friend blogger has set herself a mammoth task of reading 52 books. ( i thought OMG, is it possible). Can check her resolutions here PERPETUALLYPERIPATETIC

2 : Learn a new language :

It has been a very long pending resolution, not like have to learn to read & write, but at least to speak. I have decided to learn Spanish,Tamil,Bengali let see how much i’ll be learning among these 3. Anyone out there to help me out! Help is welcome.

3 : Save a small percentage of your income:

This will be a bit difficult; will try to invest so by this way can save.

4 : Take better photos:

I am an amateur photographer; want to try something creative in taking photos.

5 : Travel to at least 3 places:

I want to travel to different places, not the usual places like to go on a vacation.

6 : Leave work on time more often :

Finish up the work and leave on time, even no pending work for next day.

7 : Blog more :

I like to write, but it stays only in my diary, have to come more in the digital world.

8 : Learn to play guitar :

This will be my resolution no:1, I will learn to play it by this year end.

9 : Earn more money :

This would be the resolution of many people in the world, something should be done about this

10 : Do something every month that can add to your CV :

This is a very important thing for my career, so adding many things to it, will really add-up.

Actually finish some of the resolutions which are still pending from last few years.Like join a gym, get up early and go for a walk or jogging.